Birch Collection

My inspiration for this collection is the bark of the silver birch tree, which has a bright silvery beautiful texture. The Birch collection features a square profile and is textured by hand to catch the light from every angle and sparkle. Birch features a number of pieces that are beautifully simple and elegant.

This collection is made predominantly in Argentium Silver 935 which is a lovely material to work with. Some pieces also feature Sterling Silver components.  Each of my Birch pieces are Hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office with the Argentium Unicorn symbol.

Argentium Silver (935) is a silver alloy in the same way as Sterling Silver (925) however, Argentium has a higher silver content and lower copper content than the more well known Sterling Silver. 

It also contains a chemical element called Germanium. Argentium has a brighter, whiter look than Sterling and is hypoallergenic. It has less tarnish issues than Sterling due to the lower copper content.

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